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The future of research is here.

IntelliConnect™ is CCH’s revolutionary online platform that will transform the way that you do research.

As professionals at the top of your game you work hard, you need to work fast, and you expect your information to keep pace. It’s vital to your business that you not only have access to all of the information you need, but that you are able to find your answers quickly and easily. This year you will be able to achieve your goals faster than ever before thanks to the new research platform from CCH.


Search through CCH’s high quality information with the IntelliConnect™ platform and you will save time on research and improve workflow.

When you subscribe to an online CCH Product you can be assured of accessing comprehensive content based on an intuitive, Google®-like search engine that simplifies the search process to save you time and money on expert advisory services. 

IntelliConnect™ is designed to become a part of your everyday business workflow, improving the way you do research by delivering targeted and relevant results.

IntelliConnect™ will revolutionise the way you do business from May 2009.

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Important Notice

Dear Subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that Thomson Reuters, one of the leading providers of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has acquired titles from CCH Asia Pte Limited on 21 December 2012. The titles that have been acquired and transferred to Thomson Reuters now form the “Thomson Reuters Online Library” and can be accessed in the normal way. Titles include:

• Doing Business in Asia / Asia Business Guide
• Malaysia Companies & Securities Legislation
• Malaysia Company Secretary Suite
• Malaysia Company Secretary’s Practice Manual
• Malaysia Corporate Law Suite
• Malaysia Directors’ Manual
• Malaysia Hands On Guide to Corporate Secretarial Essentials
• Malaysian & Singapore Companies & Securities Law Cases
• Malaysian & Singapore Company Law & Practice
• Singapore Companies & Securities Legislation
• Singapore Company Secretary Suite
• Singapore Company Secretary’s Practice Manual
• Singapore Corporate Compliance Manual
• Singapore Corporate Law Suite
• Singapore Hands On Guide - Company Secretarial Essentials

All active subscriptions to the above will be continued with Thomson Reuters. Your login and password remain the same. The terms and conditions under your agreement with CCH will continue to be effective until the end of the current term of your agreement. CCH has assigned its rights under such terms and conditions to Thomson Reuters effective 21 December 2012.

If you have any questions or would like further information about these products, please contact us on: +60 (3) 5633-0622 or in Malaysia and +65 6333-0800 or in Singapore.

We value you as a subscriber to our products and thank you for your business.